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My name is Amanda Rossiter and I am the owner of Crystal Clear Studios. Our Services include Make-Up, Hair and Photography for special occasions.

From a young age I could see how important it was for women to feel good about themselves.  Even though it is important to love yourself just the way you are it's wonderful that we don’t have to look the same every day and this is where the fun starts for a creative person like myself.  I was also lucky enough to have done a great deal of traveling and I see it as a privilege to experience different cultures and this is where I fell in love with photography.

I decided to leave the corporate world and start my own business. Crystal Clear Studios originated in South Africa 2009, and then we moved to New Zealand in 2013 where I had to start my business from scratch.

When it comes to my personal life there is nothing more important to me then family.  I have a daughter and I never get sick of taking photos of her. Besides my family my photos of them is my most prized possession. When I do a family or lifestyle photo shoot I play a pivotal role in making peoples special occasions memorable and I enjoy it cause I know the joy my personal photos give me, so I don’t just give people photo’s I give them my all. Allot of time and effort goes into planning special occasions and I love to give people value for their money.

When it comes to make-up and hair it can be an extension of you or something that is only important to you on special occasions, however the important thing is when you have it done, do it the right way, especially when u have photos taken, u can end up looking worse if it is not done by professionals.  U want to stand out but still look like you.  I have turned women who hated make-up into divas after I taught them with my one on one styling lessons how to do it right and how to look amazing in only 5 minutes.

I hope you enjoy my website and that you would consider me to be part of your special occasions.

Yours in Make-Up, Hair and Photography.

Amanda Rossiter